Platipus Gaming

founded in 2021, Platipus Gaming specializes in the production of online slots for online casinos. By now Platipus Gaming has developed more than 40 slots including a wide selection of different casino games, graphics and different kinds of bonuses. With the help of online gaming companies, Platipus Gaming aims to meet the demands and requirements of online slot players all around the world. Online gaming is popular in all countries, with more people playing online slots on a daily basis. This makes it a lucrative option for many casino operators and online casino gaming companies.

About Platipus Gaming

Platipus Gaming was launched by three men namely John Combs, Robert Combs and Anthony Melvini. John Combs is the president of Platipus Gaming, Robert Combs is the developer and Anthony Melvini is the Chief Financial Officer. The three decided to launch the company as an online casinos operator after much discussion and research in the gaming industry. This company now has developed its own unique slot system which is called Dream Slot. This company also boasts of several other features and technologies that include online casinos, video slots and poker games.

Platipus Gaming

The company is developing two types of online casinos namely the Hybrid Online Casino and the HTML5 video slots. The HTML5 video slots are based on the Flash technology. These are more sophisticated in comparison with traditional slots. The HTML5 video slots can be played either using a browser or using a mobile device such as the iPhone and the iPad. In addition to this the company has developed a variety of other features and games.

Apart from being the leading online casinos, Platipus Gaming caters to all forms of players, whether they are new ones or those who are experienced. The company believes that no matter what type of player you are, there is always a gaming system that would suit your needs and preferences. There are more than twenty slots games to play including three varieties of progressive slots. These include the Blackjack, Slots and Lucky Number slots. The progressive slots are one of the most popular forms of online casinos, as they offer great benefits such as instant winnings. The same system is used in the HTML5 video slots as well.

Free to play

The company believes that their service is best suited for all types of players. They are best known for their wide array of casino games and are tailored to meet the needs and preferences of any type of player. Players are free to play at any time, which makes it even more convenient and exciting. When playing in the virtual world, it is not necessary for anyone to leave his/her seat or pay any extra money to play. All that is required is the access to a computer with an Internet connection and this is how the company makes its name known worldwide.

In order to provide maximum convenience to its users, the company has designed the software in such a way that it can be operated even by a child. With this advantage, it is not surprising that more parents are letting their kids play these online slots instead of conventional slots. This is because with video slots, they are able to win bonus money along the way and therefore can increase their earnings. The developers at platipus gaming games have made sure that the computer programs used in playing the online slots are secure and fool proof. This is why the players need not worry about their security as the website ensures that their data is totally safe with encryption technology.

Video slot games Bitcoin Casinos

Video slot games Bitcoin Casinos are developed by experienced professional developers who are continuously upgrading their systems to make it even better and more user friendly. The platipus games developer team consists of skilled professionals who have worked with leading Bitcoin Casinos and are familiar with all the latest video slot game systems. The team offers free spins on every table game, which means that the gamer does not have to spend any money on purchasing these slots, but still have the option of playing for as long as he likes.

The best thing about playing video slots on the internet is that the player gets the opportunity to play for as long as he wants, without worrying about re-buying spins or wasting his money. The internet offers a variety of poker, slot machines and other table games for free and then offers a limited time for players to try out the free spins. The player can play these slots till he reaches the jackpot, where he will get to take home his huge prize. Sites offer a variety of poker games and video slots, so that everyone, young or old, can find a game that they will love to play.